Aloe! It’s Shannon Bidwell here and I’m a fifth year senior at The Ohio State University. I am graduating this December with a Bachelors of Science in Biology and I hope to attend medical school next summer.

Academic Interests/ Career Goals:

I chose Biology as my major because I love to learn about living things. Anatomy and Physiology are my favorite subjects because I am fascinated by how perfectly the human body works, and also by how it responds when subjected to disease, etc. This interest and fascination has only helped my desire to become a physician. I think so many different specialities are interesting, and so I could not tell you what I would like to specialize in! There’s too many to choose from right now!


I love to go birding! I took an Ohio Birds class in spring semester 2017 and loved it so much, that I love going hiking in my free time to see as many birds as I can! My favorite bird is the Atlantic Puffin which I got to see over summer vacation with my family in Acadia, Maine.

I’m a singer. I have sung in choirs since grade school and even lead worship in my organization called Real Life here at Ohio State. I think it’s fun to express myself through song and if you are around me enough, you’ll hear me humming to myself without realizing it. 

What is Botany?

It is the scientific study of everything plant related including, plant structure, ecology, the evolution of plants, classification, physiology, genetics, and so much more. 

What I hope to learn from this class:

Growing up, my dad and I would go hiking in the woods behind our house, and he would always stop to show me the different kinds of plants and trees and how to identify them. I think having plant identification knowledge is useful for a host of interests including helping bird identification when I’m out birding, and I hope to build on the knowledge I grew up with, and to expand upon it.